Dash + Opal Beauty

Dash + Opal Beauty is founded upon making sure clients feel comfortable, and unlike other companies, we highly stand behind making sure each and every client feels like family to us. We want our clients receiving services to know that we do not put money in front of our passion. Each client will always leave feeling the best we can possibly make them feel. We are always honored to be chosen to extenuate their natural beauty. 

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I'm Korryn Dasher, owner of Dash + Opal Beauty and a mom to the sweetest little 5 year old boy. What started out as a way to build my self-esteem after having my son, quickly turned into a passion that I never saw coming. From the day that I picked up a cosmetic brush and applied makeup on my first client, I have strived to help all women feel powerful no matter the skin they're in. I decided to expand my business to now include spa services to help women feel even more confident! I am now an accomplished Esthetician and Makeup Artist with just over 5 years of experience in various areas of the industry. Every woman I meet is beautiful and I have the honor of making them look and feel even more so. l absolutely adore each and every one of my clients and feel blessed to be able to be just a small part of their big day!



I am Kyla Shay, manager and makeup/hair Artist of Dash + Opal Beauty. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been inspired by the beauty industry. When you’re a child, everyone is always asking what you want to be when you grow up, most children say an astronaut, a doctor or really have no idea. I knew from the time I was 6 years old that I wanted to make others beautiful. It was always my dream to become a hairsylist and makeup artist. It all started with sneaking my mothers makeup and practicing on all of my friends, using nail polish to paint makeup on my Barbie dolls and styling their hair to make them even prettier. 20 years later, Im blessed to be able to say that my dream became my reality. I've been in the wedding industry for just over 6 years and I am honored to play such an important role on someones special day. I get to make your vision a reality and for me that is a dream come true.